While I’m more familiar with the Stockholm scene, I was pretty thrilled when Hypnos, a heavy rock band from Göteborg, was announced to play at Mondo Bizarro last month (do check them out!).
We’d agreed on a quick shoot before their gig, but the surroundings of Mondo Bizarro are rather bleak, with offices and residential buildings — definitely lacking in the rock’n’roll vibe department.
We consequently decided to shoot right in the venue’s patio, which was offering a suitable background and light.

For the first time I gave an experimental shot to some 6×7 portraits with the cumbersome, all manual Mamiya RB67.
Expect some more pretty soon, because I’m in love with the look of the resulting images!

Pentax 645N and Mamiya RB67 ProS, TriX 400 +1