I’m fantastically late posting this one, but this is probably my most challenging shoot to date. Not because of the guys, who’ve been extremely patient while I set up my improvised studio and helped me to the best of their abilities. But because working studio again within this scope is a bit new, and I had to find out the exact look I was after, and how to achieve it, both in terms of shooting and editing.
Considering I’m awfully picky, it certainly took a while, but I’ve learnt more with this shoot than in 2 whole years of shooting (and considering I’ve picked up a few things along the way, that means a hell a lot of learning).

But eventually, there it is, dark while keeping details in the shadows, with a bit of a painterly feeling which I thought was completely matching the music of Year of the Goat.
Thanks to them for their patience, and btw, they’ll be on tour in May, don’t miss them!