I’ve been following Year of the Goat since their debut EP Lucem Ferre in 2011, and I had long wanted to shoot with them, though without reaching out. Indeed, their being based in Norrköping seemed to add too much complication to my usually fully booked trips to Stockholm.

Chatting about things and other with one of their members at the Iron Lamb gig in August, I stated my keen interest, and we agreed to try and make it work despite the distance.

Plenty of organisationnal e-mails later, we managed to set up a very comprehensive “double shoot” in October. This is the first leg of it, including only analog images. I tried to depart from my usual set up, using HP5 to get enough ISO in the declining light and giving a shot at more moody portraits.
The second part was shot “studio style” and should be online pretty soon too!

HP5 +2 and TriX +1 on Pentax 645N