When I landed a shoot with New Model Army, it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t know the band. Don’t mistake me, I’m extremely familiar with their music, from all eras.
But I had no idea what made them tick, as people, and it is my belief that it is thoroughly complicated to take good pics if you don’t relate to your subject, at least to a certain extent.

I therefore proceeded to read all material available on the band — a thing I normally never do because interviews always seem to me redundant and a bit on the fake side.
I hence arrived at the shoot feeling I knew the guys while never having meeting them, a contradiction that my brain fiercely balked at.
(Meaning, I was probably right all along about that “not reading interviews” policy).

Amsterdam proved a bit more challenging than expected, particularly in terms of traffic and temperature, though the overcast sky gave the softest of light.

24×36, Ilford HP5 at box speed