I’ve been knowing Coralie, the mastermind behind Louarnika, for a few years, so when she asked me if I could take a few portraits of her, I accepted at once.
As she had an immediate use for the pics, we did prepare the shoot together — a thing I rarely do in the context of The Road Crew, for obvious reasons, but which I nonetheless appreciate more than I can tell.
She also accepted to try a few ideas I had, including various ways to achieve a nice blurr which I wanted to put to the test.

We went to one of my favorite place in Brittany: la Chambre au Loup, which litterally means “the Wolf’s Room”.
Organic and mineral at the same time, with breathtaking scenery and water running at the bottom of it all, it seemed a perfect set up to try and translate Louarnika’s music into images.

Digital & 24×36, Ilford HP5 at box speed